The thought of getting surgery is a scary thing for many dental patients. However, Dental Arts Clearwater professionals aim to make the dental office a place where you can leave your worries and fears behind. We work with patients to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure, no matter what kind of surgery you may require.

Oral surgery has become much safer and more effective with the use of advanced technology and equipment that enables doctors to be more precise and accurate. Once we determine what treatments you need to remain as healthy as possible, we will discuss the possible options with you and begin when it is most convenient for you.

Procedures an Oral Surgeon Provides

Upon visiting our clinic, you can expect to get a thorough examination that will help us determine the dental care you need and whether or not oral surgery may be right for you. Our professionals will collect data and discuss a treatment plan with you. The exact course of treatment may vary, depending on your issue as well as its severity.

There are several things your dental expert can provide when it comes to oral surgery. Some of the procedures you can expect your dentist or oral surgeon to perform include:

  • Reconstruction of the face when it has been damaged either by disease or injury
  • Cosmetic procedures on areas like the face, jaws, and neck
  • Extraction of teeth that have been damaged severely or are impacted in the gums
  • Replacement of any teeth that are missing using dental implants
  • Correction of tongue issues and cleft palates
  • Restoration of the jaws by performing bone grafts
  • Improvement of jaw pain using treatment for TMJ/TMD
  • Correction of the jaw alignment and bite issues
  • Removal of tumors that are present in the mouth or face

Oral Surgery Experts

You can schedule an appointment with our experts in oral surgery at your convenience. The staff at Dental Arts Clearwater is eager to help you achieve better oral health and overall health.

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