When you have a dental emergency, give Dental Arts Clearwater a call to be connected with a dedicated and highly skilled group of dental experts who can make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy and avoid damage.

Preventative Care

At Dental Arts Clearwater, we perform exams to determine any issues you may be having with your teeth. During the exam, we look for any signs of damage or infection in the mouth and pinpoint any areas that may need dental treatment. With our help, you can prevent issues from worsening over time. We can ease any discomfort you may be experiencing and help keep emergencies under control.

Pain Relief

If you are experiencing pain, whether due to an injury or suddenly with no warning, it can be an indication that something more serious is going on. Severe pain could be caused by an infection or an abscess in the tooth that could lead to further health and oral problems without treatment. To make sure you are healthy, it is a good idea to visit your local dentist to get the help you need. Your dentist can provide treatment that reduces the amount of pain you are experiencing and corrects the root cause of your initial pain, preventing it from returning.

A Highly Trusted Emergency Dentist

If you need any type of emergency dental care and do not know who to turn to, you can count on Dental Arts Clearwater to be there for you or your loved ones. We are just a call away, so contact our office whenever you or someone you love needs emergency assistance. With our treatment, we can make sure that your teeth are healthy and do not get damaged further.

Until you can reach our office, be sure to take care when handling the tooth if it has been knocked out. You should also try to control any bleeding that is occurring. Our dental experts will do their best to keep your teeth healthy and provide effective treatment at the time of a dental emergency.

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