Dental implants transform smiles and have the power to change lives. If your smile could be improved with dental implants, you can speak with Dental Arts Clearwater professionals in Clearwater to learn about implants and what affects the cost of the procedure.

How Many Implants Will You Need?

Getting one implant is often cheaper than getting several teeth replaced or replacing a full arch of teeth. However, the costs of the price per tooth get lower as the number of implants needed increases. Dental implant cost in Park Ridge can be reduced by getting a single tooth replaced, but you may want to consider getting several teeth done to lower the cost per each tooth implant.

Is Your Jawbone Healthy?

Before you get dental implants, your dental implant dentist will examine the teeth as well as your gums and the jawbone. This is to make sure that there is enough bone to support implants after they are installed. If you are lacking the proper amount of healthy bone in the jaw, you may need additional treatment before implants can be placed in the mouth.

Are You Getting Mini Implants?

If you’re considering mini implants instead of conventional dental implants, you could see a lower cost for your implants. Since these implants are half the size of normal implants, they cost less and do not require grafting during the implantation process. Mini implants are ideal for narrow areas in the mouth where a tooth needs to be replaced and can be more affordable than other tooth replacement options.

How Experienced Is Your Dentist?

The more experience and training your dentist has the higher the costs may be. You could save money by going to a relatively less experienced dentist, but this could result in dental issues if you’re not careful. Dental experts at Dental Arts Clearwater can provide quality dental implant surgery throughout the week. Our goal is always to provide patients with expert dental implant care and we are focused on your complete health and satisfaction.

To learn more information about getting an affordable dental implant near you, contact the Clearwater professionals at Dental Arts Clearwater and speak with dental experts that can help you understand your options for permanent tooth replacement.

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