If you have any teeth missing in your mouth, you can speak with a Dental Arts Clearwater professional to learn about restorative dental treatment near you. Our dental team has experience working with patients of all ages, restoring the beauty of smiles and keeping teeth healthy using dental bridges and other oral appliances.

Types of Bridges

There is a myriad of options your dentist may recommend when it comes to a dental bridge. You have several choices, depending on your specific dental situation and desires for your smile. Let’s look at some popular dental bridges for your teeth.


Traditional dental bridges are very popular and involve two crowns being placed on the teeth next to the gap in your smile. These teeth will be used as anchors for the replacement tooth, keeping it secure in the mouth and giving patients a beautiful and natural looking smile.


Cantilever bridges may be similar to traditional bridges, but there is one key difference – only teeth on one side of the gap will be used as an anchor. This is ideal for areas where there is not a tooth adjacent to the gap in the mouth, but it can be a bit less secure than other options for bridges.


Maryland bridges are a restorative alternative to traditional bridges. They’re held in place by a metal or porcelain framework. The frame is bonded to the backs of teeth, using a tooth on either side of the space in the gums. However, the resin may degrade over time and cause irritation and slipping.


Bridges that are supported by implants are a new alternative to the options that involve using natural teeth to anchor the replacement tooth in place. Implant supported bridges do not require the help of any other teeth – they are implanted into the jawbone and held in place by a titanium post that bonds to the bone in the jaw.

A missing tooth, or several missing teeth, does not have to harm your smile. You can be happy and have a healthy and beautiful set of teeth thanks to Dental Arts Clearwater bridges.

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