At Dental Arts Clearwater, we give patients the best care and treatment possible in our clinic. One of the treatments available for teeth includes placing composite fillings where there has been damage to the tooth. Composite fillings are a popular way to make teeth stronger and preserve their appearance.

What’s a Filling?

A dental filling is used after the tooth has been damaged or when decay has been removed. It may also be applied when there has been trauma to the tooth, such as grinding or an accident. Fillings maintain the structure of the tooth and fill in any holes that have been made by damage.

Types of Fillings

There are several different materials your filling could be made from. There are gold fillings, glass ionomer, amalgam fillings, and composite resin fillings. Amalgam is not used as often, as it contains mercury, and gold can be expensive even though it is very durable. Glass ionomer release fluoride, which may help the teeth remain healthier. Composite resin is affordable and keeps your teeth looking healthy and beautiful.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

There are several advantages to getting composite fillings instead of the other options available at our office. Let’s look at some of these advantages below.


If you want to keep your teeth looking natural, then this is the filling material you need. It is matched to the color of your teeth, allowing it to blend in seamlessly after you have had dental work done. They can even be applied on top of veneers, giving your teeth an even more natural look and protecting the veneer from damage.


Composite fillings are also conservative because they can be placed in a hole of any size. While a larger area may need more than a filling, it can be used on various small holes in teeth and is shaped to fit into the space with no problems.


While this term is not scientific in the slightest, it is an excellent description of composite fillings. They can be polished if they begin to wear down or lose their luster, restoring the beauty of your teeth and keeping plaque from building up.

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