Why Are Partial Dentures Considered As Tooth Replacement Solutions?

Feb 01, 2022

Missing permanent adult teeth is a standard issue confronted by many people. The reasons for missing teeth can include improper dental hygiene habits, lack of nutrition, injury, decay, trauma, infection, et cetera. The lack of permanent teeth in your mouth can leave you with speech impairments and challenges when eating. Therefore you must consider replacing the missing teeth to avoid additional dental problems.

Advances in dentistry now make available several treatments to replace missing teeth. However, partial dentures have retained their position and are considered a reliable option for teeth replacement. The dentist near you provides them for several years to restore an individual or set of missing teeth. Of course, you can use complete dentures if you have lost all your teeth. However, partial dentures are helpful when you miss a few teeth on either side of your jaw.

The dentist 33756 confirms partial dentures benefit people with one or more missing teeth in their mouths. Partial dentures are fitted by dentists around your existing teeth to ensure they fit perfectly. Partial dentures are fabricated on metal or plastic bases secured around the teeth.

When Is a Partial Denture a Suitable Choice?

Partial dentures near you might be recommended if you have multiple missing teeth to help preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. If there is a need, the dentist can add more teeth to the existing partial over time. If you have some teeth missing from your lower jaw, partial dentures can be suitable if you find it challenging to adapt to a complete lower denture.

How Does a Partial Denture Work?

Partial dentures from the dentist in Clearwater function like your natural teeth after you have them as replacements for your missing teeth. Partial dentures are excellent replacement solutions if you have single or multiple missing teeth in your mouth. They are an affordable option compared to bridges or implants and don’t need any surgical procedures or healing time when getting the required replacements.

Partial dentures allow you to chew and speak without challenges. They prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position to create a bad bite. The partials help you retain your facial structure, which would otherwise sag because of jawbone resorption. Most importantly, they help ease the stress of your jaw.

Are Partial Dentures Comfortable?

When you are dealing with missing teeth in your mouth, you must consider how the consequences of tooth loss will affect you instead of feeling the comfort or any discomfort that partial dentures might cause. However, if you are reluctant to invest in intensive treatments like dental bridges or implants or are medically unfit, partial dentures remain your only alternative to replace your missing teeth.

When you insert artificial appliances in your mouth, you can expect some discomfort initially as you get accustomed to the dental prosthetic. However, with some practice and regular use, you overcome the problems and can retain the partial for life with proper care. After a few days of using them, you will experience happiness after getting accustomed to the partial denture in your mouth.

You might face challenges with partials initially because they tend to slip when eating or talking. As removable prosthetics, the partials are not intended to wear round-the-clock. Instead, the Clearwater dentist recommends you remove the partial dentures at night for cleaning. Regular cleaning of partial dentures reduces the risk of developing cavities in the neighboring healthy teeth allow you to brush them correctly.

Do not consider partial dentures merely as cosmetic devices because they aren’t. The partials enhance your chewing and speaking ability while ensuring loss of teeth doesn’t impact your smile. In addition, many people don’t consider partial dentures because they are removable, and people have concerns about the fit and appearance. Although partial dentures have their problems, they are a reliable solution for many people who cannot have implants or bridges because of various reasons.

Bridges need support from the neighboring teeth to hold them in place, and dental implants, besides being expensive and require excellent jawbone health if you wish to have them. However, if you cannot consider either of those options, you can choose partial dentures provided by the Clearwater dentist Dr. Cecilia Sorrelle without considering them unreliable.

If you have a few missing teeth and need tooth replacement solutions, please contact Dental Arts Clearwater for reliable partial dentures that will serve you excellently.

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