What Procedures Are Included in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Mar 01, 2022

What is the first thought that appears in your mind when thinking about cosmetic dentistry? Of course, you probably think about expensive procedures that you cannot afford merely to display a brilliant smile to everyone. However, have you considered cosmetic dentistry also helps improve your oral health? If not, you help yourself by evaluating your oral health besides your aesthetic appearance whenever you think the cosmetic dentist near you is making a killing by selling unwanted treatments at high prices to improve people’s smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a host of treatments to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile and your dental health. Cosmetic dentistry is undoubtedly expensive as many treatments are customized and need multiple appointments with the dental office in Clearwater, FL, to achieve the desired results. However, are you aware cosmetic dentists are not different from regular dental practitioners? If not, you help yourself by reconsidering your thoughts about cosmetic dentistry to believe these dental professionals benefit your oral health.

Aesthetic Therapies Provided by Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have discolored teeth with stains on them, you might find it challenging to smile before everyone and seek remedies to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, while you can get thousands of treatments over-the-counter, none can deliver the results as cosmetic dentists providing professional teeth whitening.

Similarly, if you have a couple of discolored or decayed teeth impacting your smile because of injuries or infections, cosmetic dentists can help you with dental veneers or crowns to hide the tooth entirely from view to provide you the freedom to smile unhesitatingly. Similarly, minor dental flaws with your teeth are corrected by cosmetic dentistry, providing dental bonding a conservative and affordable treatment to hide your dental imperfections for over a decade by applying composite resin over your teeth and completing the treatment in one appointment.

Oral Health Treatments from Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth discoloration or minor chips are not the only reason your smile becomes impacted. For example, do you wonder what would happen if you lost a couple of teeth from the aesthetic zone of your mouth? Besides losing your ability to smile, you also fall victim to the consequences of tooth loss that are significantly more challenging than your aesthetic appearance.

Tooth loss causes your remaining teeth to shift from their proper alignment towards the vacant gaps left by the missing tooth. In addition, you confront problems when eating or speaking. Most importantly, your jawbone begins to deteriorate to change your facial appearance. The vacant gaps in your mouth also become breeding grounds for food particles to remain trapped and bacteria to create dental infections and require frequent treatments from dentists.

Cosmetic dentistry in Clearwater, FL, can help you overcome the challenges of tooth loss and improve your oral health by providing dental implants or bridges to replace the missing teeth. Implants and bridges appear like your natural teeth and function similarly. If you cannot have them for any reason, you can consider having partial or complete dentures as replacements for the teeth you lost. Eventually, the tooth replacement solutions help improve your oral health by restoring your mouth’s functionality and preventing deterioration of your jawbone that makes you look older.

The cosmetic dentist near you remains updated with the latest technology and advances in dentistry to give you optimal treatments essential to improve your aesthetic appearance and oral health simultaneously. Unlike in the past when a visit to a cosmetic dentist set you back by thousands, competition has ensured that treatments from cosmetic dentists are now affordable and accessible to everyone.

For example, if you have dental imperfections and think porcelain veneers are the only solution to correct them, you now have alternatives from cosmetic resin and laminates available at affordable prices to enhance the appearance of your front teeth without needing extensive enamel removal. Therefore merely remaining at home with the belief that cosmetic dentistry treatments are expensive will not help you enhance the appearance of your teeth or your smile.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Annie Auletta to let the professional ascertain your aesthetic or oral complications. The doctor will work with you to help you achieve the smile you desire and your oral health by combining one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry includes many procedures that are often combined to deliver optimal results. If you want to benefit from cosmetic dentistry, we suggest you visit Dental Arts Clearwater to discuss your needs and that of your oral health and enjoy a beautiful smile.

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