Types of Mouth Guards for Teeth Protection

Aug 01, 2022

Mouthguards are devices worn over teeth to protect them and reduce any damage to oral tissues. They are used in any situation where accidental or deliberate trauma is likely to occur to the mouth and jaw areas. The devices prevent tooth nerve damage, chipping or losing teeth, and damage to the oral soft tissues. Continue reading for more about mouthguards in Clear Water.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

People who participate in contact sports or sports with a high fall risk need mouth guards. The players usually experience a substantial impact on their face and jaw during the activities that can lead to harm. For example, you need an athletic mouth guard if you participate in boxing, football, ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, and soccer.

Bruxism is a sleep-related disorder that harms your teeth and jaws. A dentist near you may recommend nighttime mouth guards to protect teeth from the grinding and clenching pressure. You may know that you need a mouthguard for chronic teeth grinding if you experience:

  • Sore jaws ad a headache when you wake up in the morning
  • Tight and painful aw muscles
  • A jaw that swells for no particular reason
  • Chipped teeth without indication of outside trauma
  • A grinding sound from your mouth as you sleep observed by a sleeping partner

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards differ depending on the wearer’s needs, budget and preferences. The experts at the dental office in Clear Water may recommend either type of mouthguard below for you.

  1. Custom-fitted

These are mouth guards fabricated with individual specifications in mind. The dentist custom makes these devices using a mold or 3D image of your teeth and gums for a perfect fit. They provide the best protection for your teeth and mouth because they are not easily dislodged. Custom-fitted mouthguards are ideal for athletes and patients with bruxism.

  1. Boil and bite

They are mouth guards made from a thermoplastic material that is easily shaped to fit teeth. Place this device in hot water to soften it first, then put it in the mouth. Press it onto your teeth using your fingers, then bite down for some seconds. Once you feel it is in the correct position, remove the device and run it under some cool water to harden the material.

  1. Stock

These are one-size-fits-all mouthguards that are obtained and ready to be used. They are also obtained from drug stores and sporting goods stores. You can choose a small, medium, or large size of stock mouth guards to cover your top teeth. However, stock mouth guards rarely fit well over teeth since they are bulky and not customizable.

  1. Adjustable night guards

These are mouthguards that rest between teeth at night as you sleep to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Adjustable night guards separate your top teeth from the bottom teeth to avoid damaging each other. As a result, they prevent muscle strain and enamel wear and tear. In addition, they relieve jaw pain and headaches caused by bruxism.

Caring for Mouth Guards

You must keep your mouthguard clean since it is worn in the mouth. Clean it using a toothbrush and toothpaste or soap after each use to keep it bacteria-free. Always rinse the device with cool water or mouth wash before putting it in the mouth.

Ensure that you clean your teeth before wearing your mouth guard to prevent debris from being trapped inside them. Also, avoid cleaning the device using hot water as it could distort the mouth guard’s shape, making it ineffective.

Protect your mouthguard from damage by storing it correctly and out of reach of pets or kids. Keep the device in a clean, rigid, and well-ventilated container that protects it and allows it to dry out after use. Check the mouth guard for signs of damage and take it with you for dentist appointments. The dentist in Clear Water will ensure that it still fits and works properly.

Contact us at Dental Arts Clear Water for customized mouth guards. Our team of dental experts fabricates mouth guards for the entire family. Your kids can have customized pediatric mouth guards in their favorite colors or prints. We also manufacture mouth guards to protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment.

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