Tips for Finding An Emergency Dentistry

Apr 01, 2022

In case of a dental emergency, you need to find an emergency dentist in Clearwater that can solve your problem immediately. An emergency dentist helps patients in dire need ranging from extractions, surgical procedures, or managing infections.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Medical clinics that provide emergency dental care options usually only offer specific services. Therefore, you must be aware of what is considered a dental emergency. Although you may experience pain or distress, in some cases that may be insufficient to be considered an emergency.

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Below are some common types of dental emergencies.

  • 1. Tooth Loss(Avulsion)

Losing a permanent tooth is a painful experience, so it’s vital to seek immediate dental care. It’s crucial to handle a knocked out tooth carefully and avoid touching the root or any attached tissue.

You may try reinserting the tooth to help in preservation. Teeth restored within 1 hour have higher chances of survival. If you can’t see your dentist immediately, put your teeth in milk or saline solution. Your healthcare provider will usually use a re-implant to reconnect the knocked-out tooth.

  • 2. Tooth Displacement

Due to trauma, a tooth may dislodge and loosen; this is called tooth displacement. If your teeth are displaced, don’t move them back into place on your own since you can worsen the displacement and cause severe pain. In addition, due to the time sensitivity of teeth displacement, immediate treatment limits further damage to the tooth and facilities optimal healing.

  • 3. Chipped or Broken Teeth

Breaking and chipping a tooth is a severe dental emergency. A cracked tooth is in danger of shattering completely, damaging the entire tooth and causing tooth loss or root canal if immediate medical attention is ignored. Rinse your mouth with warm water in this emergency, and then apply ice to the affected area.

In case of pain, you may use over-the-counter pain-relievers. Then, use a wet piece of towel or gauze to wrap the fragments and bring them to your emergency dental visit. Even with care, cracked teeth may still shatter completely, so it’s vital to seek emergency dental services when you break a tooth.

  • 4. Oral Infections

In some cases, a dental abscess may cause critical dental and medical problems if not urgently treated. For example, abscess may be caused by untreated cavities, poor oral hygiene, or bacterial infection. When you experience redness or swelling in your mouth, halitosis, discomfort during eating, or severe pain, visit your emergency dentist near you immediately.

  • 5. Broken Dental Appliances

With faulty appliances, remove the damaged device only when it safely comes off. Cover protruding edges with cotton balls, sugarless gum, gauze, or wax when the apparatus is stuck or painful to remove.

Avoid removing any wires stuck on the cheeks, tongue, or gums; seek emergency dentistry immediately to avoid any accidents.

Tips for Choosing an Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency requires urgency. The crisis needs to be addressed to avoid worsening the situation. While an emergency room addresses injuries and wounds, it lacks the equipment or staff skilled in handling dental emergencies. Therefore, it’s vital to choose an emergency dentist in 33756.

Below are the tips to make it easier.

  1. Always consider your immediate location to avoid driving over an hour to the dentist. It is critical to visit the emergency dentist in Clearwater within 20 or 30 minutes. Covering long distances in an emergency worsens the situation due to increased anxiety and stress levels.
  2. Seek a dentistry that accepts dental insurance plans in emergencies.
  3. Find out about the operation hours of the emergency dentistry. If you cannot have a dental emergency on an evening or weekend due to a scheduled event such as sports, it is recommended that you find a dentistry that operates 24/7.
  4. Learn about what services are offered. An emergency dentistry that treats patients in emergencies and can also handle dental restorations removes the need to visit different clinics.
  5. Consult about the ages they address. There’s no use in taking a child with a chipped tooth to a dentistry that only caters to adults. Always inquire about the age range for ease of decision-making during an emergency.

Do you need urgent dental care? At Dental Arts Clearwater, you can always count on us to provide you and your family with emergency services. Dr. Cecilia Sorelle utilizes specialized treatment to ensure that your teeth are healthy and adequately addressed to avoid further damage.

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