Reasons to Consider a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Sep 01, 2020

There is no doubt that the best way to keep your smile looking god and healthy is to practice good oral hygiene. However, once in a while you may need a little help. Factors such as age, use of certain medications and physical trauma can cause teeth to discolor, despite your cleaning efforts. In this case you may seek professional advice on how to safely and effectively brighten your teeth. Although some people choose over the counter teeth whitening options, Dental Arts Clearwater strongly advices patients to seek the counsel of a dentist to avoid damage to teeth.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

The stains on our teeth can be categorized as either intrinsic or extrinsic. The latter refers to stains that appear on the surface of the teeth which can be removed by brushing and dental cleaning. On the other hand, the former refers to stains that are hidden inside the tooth’s enamel within the dentin layer. Intrinsic stains make teeth appear dull and can only be removed through whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening dentists use a bleaching agent to remove the signs of discoloration and staining on teeth. The agents usually contain either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which penetrates deep within the surface of the tooth to bleach the molecules that are causing discoloration inside the tooth. Whitening agents are available in different forms which includes pastes, gel or solutions.

Reasons for Whitening Teeth

  • It Is Minimally Invasive Procedure

Teeth whitening treatment is a low risk procedure, especially when working with a professional in Clearwater, FL. The whitening agent only comes into contact with the tooth’s enamel and then you wear an aligner to ensure all the teeth are evenly coated. There are no complicated instruments used and it is performed without sedation, except for patients with extreme dental phobia. There are no serious side effects associated with the procedure, and any that arise will fade away in a couple of days. For safe and effective results, always work with a certified and skilled tooth whitening dentist.

  • Improves Appearance

Whitening improves your smile by making your teeth whiter and brighter. This has an overall good effect on your appearance as it makes you appear put together. Additionally, aging naturally causes our teeth to discolor but through whitening you offset the effects of aging and achieve a younger appearance.

  • Boosts Self-Confidence

You no longer have to be self-conscious of how the people perceive you because your teeth are looking great and healthy. Research shows that people with a whiter smile are perceived to be more approachable, friendly and dynamic. This change in your smile also allows you interact without restraint which is good for both your social and professional life.

  • It Is A Relatively Inexpensive Cosmetic Procedure

There are several other cosmetic procedures to improve how your teeth look, but teeth whitening is one of the most affordable. Most people can easily access the treatment and drastically improve their smile just by going a number of shades lighter. There is also no downtime as no recovery period is needed and the maintenance is simple.

  • Promotes Overall Good Oral Health

People that choose to whiten their teeth have some level of commitment to keeping their smile looking good and healthy. Since they do not want their teeth to lose their brightness again, they are extra careful on how they care for their teeth. the treatment can also help you stop bad habits like smoking which usually contributes to tooth discoloration. Just by being aware of the difference a whiter smile can make, it gets easy to commit to practices that promote good oral health.

Whether you choose to naturally whiten your teeth or have a professional dentist do it, the reasons behind it are typically the same. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to make an informed choice to prevent damaging your teeth. even if you use at-home whitening kits of natural whitening remedies, always consult your dentist first to ensure that you are a good candidate for a teeth whitening treatment.

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