It May Be Difficult for Many People to Avoid Tooth Extractions Due to Different Reasons

Feb 01, 2020

Not everyone including the dentist favors a tooth extraction but different reasons may compel dentists to extract teeth because of extensive tooth decay, crowding, tooth infection or impacted wisdom teeth during adulthood. Dentists do not take any pleasure pulling out teeth from people’s mouths just as people don’t like having their teeth extracted for any reason other than one that is compelling. Fortunately, advances in dentistry allow dentists to extract teeth in a quick outpatient procedure for keeping the patient’s mouth healthy.

Patients need to look at this factor whenever their dentist recommends a tooth be extracted from their mouth. The dentist is making the recommendation only because the patient is in pain, has more teeth than necessary for an orthodontic procedure, or has an infection that is making it necessary for him or her to lose some teeth. Extractions in the case of wisdom teeth that erupt during the mid-teens are quite common because the teeth are often impacted and are trying to erupt sideways or remaining below the gum line and causing pain to the individual.

The Procedure for Extracting Teeth

The procedure of teeth removal is generally carried out in a simple or a surgical procedure after an examination when the dentist determines whether the teeth are visible or impacted.

Simple extractions are just that, simple. The patient will be administered a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to ensure no pain is experienced. An elevator will be used by the dentist to loosen the tooth before it is extracted with forceps.

A surgical extraction cannot be termed simple because the patient will be administered both local and intravenous anesthesia to make him or her relaxed. Some patients may even be administered general anesthesia to make them unconscious during the procedure.

The oral surgeon or general dentist will make small incisions in the gums to remove some bone from around the tooth or even cut the tooth in pieces before being extracted. Surgical extractions can be complex because dentists are trying to conduct a dental extraction on a tooth that is not visible and below the gum line. It could also be impacted or trying to erupt sideways like in the case of wisdom teeth.

If Teeth Are Important for the Smile Why Remove Them?

Having a healthy set of teeth is important for a beautiful smile. Emphasis must be placed on the word “healthy” because people with infected, discolored, decayed and invisible teeth in their mouths will not be in a position to smile freely. They would be attempting to hide their smile with their hands or perhaps avoid mingling together with other people.

As mentioned earlier people must understand the dentist is making a recommendation only for the benefit of the patient and therefore if he or she has recommended dental extraction, valid reasons would be available with them to justify their suggestion. In any case, people with problems with their teeth cannot continue living with them and need to deal with them in some way rather than suffer constantly. If the dentist has recommended the extraction the recommendation must be accepted gracefully with the understanding that the professional has done everything possible to preserve the tooth before suggesting it be extracted.

Alternatives Are Available to Replace the Extracted Tooth to Maintain Their Importance for the Smile

People undergoing teeth removal must understand that dentists do not recommend extractions without having alternatives in their possession to maintain the smile of the patient with appropriate restorations. Dentists, more than anyone else understands well that gaps created by extracted or lost teeth can cause the other teeth to shift from their position leaving the patient with crooked teeth. Patients can discuss various options that are available with the dentist to decide upon what suits their needs the best. The dentist in Clearwater, FL, will be happy to provide the patient with all the information needed to restore the extracted teeth with replacements. Yes, restorations can be expensive and a burden on the patient but they will be better than having empty sockets in the mouth without teeth along with the problem they create when eating, talking, or smiling. Most importantly the restorations will be better than living with an infection or a painful mouth that can bring upon people plenty of distress.

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