Ignoring the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry Causes Health Complications besides Impacting Your Appearance

Oct 01, 2021

Restorative dentistry procedures help repair or replace teeth. If you have issues with your teeth like cavities, chips, and cracks, or missing teeth, you must consider a visit to the restorative dentistry specialist near you to get the defects with your teeth either restored or replaced. Dentists strongly recommend not to ignore the benefits of restorative dentistry helping you restore the functionality of your teeth besides enhancing your smile.

Would you mind not assuming restorative dentistry is similar to cosmetic dentistry because both are different? Cosmetic dentistry primarily focuses on improving aesthetics, while restorative dentistry aims to improve to restore teeth functionality and their appearance. Sometimes you may merely require functionality, while at other times, the cosmetic component of restorative dentistry also becomes essential. If you aren’t aware of restorative dentistry, please continue reading this article for more information about this subject.

What Procedures Can You Expect from Restorative Dentistry?

Many dental procedures are classified as therapeutic. Some of them are described here for your reference:

Dental Implants

When you have a missing tooth or need extractions because of infections or damage, you don’t have to be without teeth for the rest of your life. Restorative dentistry near you can replace the missing tooth or teeth with dental implants, a comprehensive teeth replacement solution. Dental implants replace your natural tooth root with artificial titanium posts on which an abutment is placed before you receive a porcelain dental crown as a replacement for your natural teeth. The titanium post is surgically embedded into your jawbone to provide stability to your artificial teeth. The replacements appear and feel like your natural teeth lasting you for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene.

Cavity Fillings

Cavity fillings are perhaps the most standard dental procedures. When bacteria in your mouth penetrate the hard outer layer of your tooth’s enamel, it needs protection to ensure the microorganisms cannot progress further and infect the dental pulp. The dentist near you recommends cavity fillings by removing the tooth decay and restoring the hollow space with tooth-colored filling material as a therapeutic technique. The filling prevents the bacteria from progressing further and continuing to damage your tooth and oral health.

Root Canal Treatments

It is familiar for everyone not to accept their dentist’s recommendations to have cavities filled immediately upon detection, failing to realize the bacteria in their tooth will eventually infect the dental pulp to cause excruciating pain. They may even require extraction from the emergency dentist in Clearwater. However, severely infected teeth are also restored by Dr. Annie Auletta by performing root canal treatments to remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp from inside the tooth, clean the canals, fill and seal the hollow space and recommend restoration of the tooth with dental crowns for functionality and appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry has many benefits helping you to restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth’s besides giving you a smile you will proudly display. Besides improving appearance, functionality and give you a beautiful smile, restorative dentistry also helps in the following:

Eliminate Pain

When you have an infected tooth needing root canal treatments, you endure excruciating pain to reach a stage where you prepare yourself for an extraction. Fortunately, root canal therapy from the dentist in Clearwater eliminates pain in your tooth to restore its functionality and appearance in one of two visits to their office, depending on which tooth is infected.

Prevent Oral And Overall Health Issues

Besides affecting your oral health, dental infections also impact your overall health because an association exists between your mouth and your body. When you leave infections in your mouth untreated, the bacteria soon infect your neighboring teeth. When they are done with your mouth, they begin spreading into your bloodstream to cause various health complications requiring treatments from different medical professionals. For example, a tooth cavity left unfilled results in need for root canal treatments or extractions. However, besides infecting the neighboring teeth, the bacteria also affect your jawbone and spread to your bloodstream. Therefore if you receive a recommendation to have a cavity filled, you mustn’t delay the treatment but happily accept the suggestion because it prevents unnecessary complications.

Prevent Bone Resorption

Tooth replacement solutions ignored for long besides causing challenges biting, chewing, and smiling also cause your remaining teeth to shift position towards the vacant space leading to a bad bite. In addition, malocclusion makes you susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease bringing upon you additional expenditure with regular dental visits. Most importantly, tooth loss also causes jawbone resorption and makes you look older than you are when your face begins sagging.

You can prevent all the above and more by seeking the benefits of restorative dentistry from the specialist near you to continue enjoying excellent dental and overall health.

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