Can You Find Affordable Dental Implants?

Jul 01, 2022

When you lose your natural teeth due to decay, injuries, or extractions, you become concerned about replacing the missing teeth to avoid the consequences of tooth loss. While you might have different solutions for replacing the missing teeth, you must opt for the best option if you decide you no longer want to endure similar situations.

Should You Consider Dental Implants?

If you want a solution that lasts you for life, dental implants in Clearwater is the best option for replacing missing teeth. The implants provide natural looking and feeling replacements, but they also prevent complications of jawbone resorption that start soon after tooth loss.

Besides impacting your smile, speech, and eating and chewing abilities, missing teeth also impact your jawbone, which begins deteriorating to give you a sagging appearance. In addition, the edentulous gaps between your teeth become breeding grounds for infections like tooth decay and gum disease needing frequent treatments from the dentist near you. Instead of enduring all the above, you must consider dental implants as the most suitable solution to replace your missing teeth.

What about Alternative Solutions?

Alternative solutions like dentures and dental bridges are also available but do not provide a lasting solution. They are undoubtedly more affordable than dental implants but require replacements every five to ten years. Therefore, you spend more money on alternative solutions if you decide they need consideration.

Affordable Dental Implants: Are They Available?

When you consider dental implants for your missing teeth, you decide to invest in a solution unlike alternatives because they are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, implants require careful evaluation of your mouth and jaw by the dental office in Clearwater besides x-rays, CT scans, et cetera.

The dentist in Clearwater must perform bone grafts or sinus lifts if you have insufficient jawbone to support dental implants. The cost of the dental implant, abutment, and a porcelain dental crown is approximately $ 3500 minus the other associated costs.

The Clearwater dentist undoubtedly provides a discount if you must replace several teeth with dental implants. Therefore you benefit from the deal if you must have several teeth replaced. However, if you want one or two dental implants, you must prepare for considerable expenditure when getting them.

You might notice advertisements claiming dental implants are available at low prices like $ 450 and might jump at the opportunity. However, can you confirm whether the provider is experienced and can complete implant placement appropriately after planning and evaluation? Is the provider giving you high-quality dental implants made from biocompatible titanium? For example, if the price of a dental crown is approximately $ 800, can you have dental implants at $ 450? Therefore you must avoid visiting such professionals because they might put you in more trouble than you are.

What Does the Dental Implant Procedure Entail?

When considering dental implants, you must undergo surgery from dentist 33756 for implant placement when the biocompatible titanium post is embedded deep into your jawbone to serve as your artificial tooth root. The implant must osseointegrate with your jawbone to provide a stable base for your artificial tooth. After you complete osseointegration in approximately three to six months, another surgery for attaching the abutment is scheduled, requiring another two weeks for recovery.

You receive your artificial tooth only after recovering entirely from the abutment attachment procedure. Considering all the above and the multiple appointments you need with Dr. Annie Auletta, the prices for dental implants will likely not reduce but remain as they are.

Look for Practices That Offer Financing Options!

If you are constrained by finances but are determined to have dental implants as replacements for your missing teeth, you can research dental practices offering financing options. Many practices know that the average layperson cannot afford dental implants even when they prefer them over alternative solutions. Therefore they work with finance companies to pay for the costs of dental implants and also accept insurance providers if they cover the treatment.

You can receive financing for dental implants from lenders offering you online loans at affordable rates to help finance your dental implants. However, finding affordable dental implants is a challenge you will find difficult to overcome, especially if you want high-quality dental implants and placement from a reputable practice.

Dental Arts Clearwater offers you discounts on dental implants if you need several teeth replaced and helps you establish contact with companies offering financing options. Kindly schedule an appointment with this practice if you need teeth replacements lasting you for life.

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