Can I Replace My Missing Teeth with Dental Implants In Clearwater, FL?

Aug 01, 2023

Missing teeth can make you worried about your smile, affect your bite and alter your facial shape. If you visit the dentist in Clearwater, they may recommend artificial teeth linked with a dental implant. A dental implant provides strong anchorage for artificial teeth. You’re in the right place if you desire to know more about dental implants, what to expect and more about these dental restorations.

What Is a Dental Implant In Clearwater, FL?

As mentioned earlier, dental implants provide anchorage to artificial teeth. They act as artificial tooth roots, which are placed into the jawbone. For dental implants to be successful, osseointegration has to happen to ensure that the bone surrounding the implant grows, securing its place.

The dentist who installs dental implants near you will explain that there are different types of dental implants. They include:

Endosteal implants- these are the most known type of dental implants. However, you need to have a healthy jawbone as the implant is placed into the jawbone using screws that need to be given time to integrate with the bones and tissues around.

Subperiosteal implants- these are dental implants which are placed on top of the bone under the gumline. A metallic frame is placed under the gum to which the post is attached. It is an alternative to endosteal implants, which are fused into the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants are suitable for people who don’t have sufficient jawbone or don’t like the idea of invasive surgery.

Zygomatic implants- these are the least common types of implants. Unfortunately, the procedure of zygomatic implant placement is the most complicated and should only be performed if the patient doesn’t have sufficient jawbone for endosteal implant placement. This type of implant is placed on the patient’s cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

Dr. Cecilia Sorelle states that dental implants are suitable for you if:

  • Don’t smoke tobacco.
  • Are willing to go through several months of healing.
  • Are unwilling or unable to wear dentures.
  • Don’t have health complications that will hinder bone healing.
  • Have one or more missing teeth.
  • Have sufficient jawbone for implant placement.
  • A jawbone that is fully grown.
  • Desire to improve your speech.
  • Have healthy oral tissues.

How Do I Get My Dental Implants Placed?

When you visit Clearwater Dental Associates, the dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to prepare for implant placement. First, the dentist will carry out a comprehensive dental exam which involves taking 3D and X-ray images of your teeth and gums.

Next, the dentist will review your medical history. This is to ensure that you don’t have any health complications that might sabotage the healing process. Furthermore, the dentist considers whether you’re under any medication as it can affect the procedure.

Finally, the dental professional creates an individualized treatment plan that helps the dentist know how long it might take for you to heal from the surgery. It also considers how many teeth need replacement and how healthy are your teeth and jawbone.

It is also during the consultation that you can inquire about full-mouth dental implant cost, among other questions, you might have concerning the procedure. This can make you prepare your finances and insurance, among other things.

Here is what you should expect from dental implant surgery:

Anesthesia is administered. The dentist gives you sedation to numb your gums and the surrounding tissues.

A small incision is created. The oral surgeon will make a cut in your gums to create space for the dental implant.

Jaw preparation. The surgeon uses several special equipments to make an opening in your jawbone. The dentist will widen the opening that is perfect for the placement of the implant.

Implant placement. The dentist places the implant into the opening created in the jawbone.

Closing of the incisions. Finally, the oral surgeon repositions your gums and uses stitches to close the incisions made.

Go To Our Office to Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth that need replacement, don’t hesitate to visit us at Dental Arts Clearwater. Dental implants provide a solid foundation for the placement of dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Moreover, dental implants are long-lasting; they make your artificial teeth move well and function like natural teeth. If you have doubts if dental implants will work for you, you can visit us for a consultation.

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