All You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Dec 01, 2019

A broken tooth is irritating for almost everyone. It badly affects the appearance and finding a solution is difficult. Dentists in Clearwater, FL recommend dental crowns such dental problems. It is the most performed treatment in restorative dentistry. Here is a comprehensive guide about dental crowns; what it is and when it is recommended, types of dental crowns and much more.

What are Dental Crowns

A tooth-shaped artificial cap that is used to cover any dental problems is termed as a dental crown. They look like natural teeth and their lifespan is seven years on average.

When Do You Need Dental Crowns

There are several reasons to get a dental crown. Some of them are listed below:

Weak Tooth

People have a misconception that weak teeth mean tooth extraction and an implant. Well, not all weak teeth need extraction and implants. Some of the weak tooth conditions are discussed below.

After RCT

After a root canal treatment, dentists cover the hole or treated tooth with a dental crown to keep it safe from any bacterial attack. The tooth is weak after this treatment and dental crown serves as a shield for the tooth.

After Fillings

Fillings cover-up space in the tooth. The large volume of your tooth is weak because of the filling so dental crowns are used to protect them from any injury.

For Structural Problems

Other than weak teeth, this is another major problem. Structural dental problems include cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. The dental crown will serve as an aligner or cure for these structural issues.

For Missing Teeth

A lost tooth leaves a space that does not look good. Your smile gets a spoiler alert with such spaces. It serves as a bridge for covering the space.

For Broken Teeth

Do you have any chipped, cracked, or broken teeth? Your dentist will recommend a dental crown for these situations as well.

For Your Attractive Smile

Crowns are an all-in-one answer for your attractive smile. Stained, misaligned, or decayed teeth are made attractive with dental crowns.

Have any of these issues? Find a dental crowning clinic near you and get the perfect smile in no time.

Does Dental Crown Have Types

Yes, there are different types of dental crowns. You are recommended the most appropriate one to solve your problem. Here is a list of few types to guide you.

The Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns

These crowns have the top made up of porcelain while the inner layer has a metal lining. These are the most durable and the surface is more adhesive with the tooth. But these are not transparent and your appearance might be a little affected by these crowns.

The Porcelain Crowns

These are also known as ceramic crowns and serve best for front teeth. You may also hear the name front tooth crown but all of these names refer to porcelain crowns. If you are allergic to metal then this is the best choice for you.

Full Metal Crowns

These are completely made up of metals but are not the best choice if you want to have a transparent appearance or you are allergic to metal. They are durable and can withstand any jerk, and intense chewing.

The Procedure for Dental Crown Installation

To make it easier for your understanding, the procedure has been broken down into steps. Give these steps a read to prepare your mind for the treatment.

X-ray And Preparation

In the first visit, the dentist will ask for an x-ray for proper examination of the denture. If you have any decaying teeth, the dentist might recommend a root canal treatment. If not, you will proceed to the next step of crowning.

Crowning and Shaping

now the dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding gums. The crowns you chose will be placed and he will shape the material according to the shape and size of your natural teeth.

How to Increase the Life of Your Crowns

Follow these simple steps and your dental crowns will last longer. No replacement will be needed for a sufficient period.

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing
  • Regular use of mouthwash
  • Do not grind nails
  • Nail-biting will not be good
  • High-quality brushes and fluoride toothpaste work best

Do You Need a Dentist

Dental crowning is an effective treatment for many dental problems like misshapen teeth, discolored teeth, and gaps between teeth. All you need to do is find a good dentist and get the process done. If you are in Florida then Dental Arts Clearwater is there to help. Our facility provides top-notch tooth crowning in Clearwater, FL. Worry no more and visit us now!

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